Friday, 8 May 2015

15 artists. 5 more.

6: Luve (Gourd King) - DeviantArt
Gourd has graduated under illustration but unfortunately isn't doing it professionally but his work is very sweet and comes across as very fairytale. They have very good observational skills creating very convincing backgrounds and I could easily see these being used in children's books. His style and media used make these images, especially the donkey image below, look very vintage with the sepia tone yet bright colours.

7: Colonel (Serene Wyatt) - DeviantArt
Serene is a concept artist and children's book illustrator. She enjoys designing characters and creating concepts. Her imagination is very interesting and has a clear interest in dogs. My favourite of her work is 'Gatordog.' Basically just a massive dog/alligator character with a child/teen friend. Not only her character designs are good but I like her style and drawing/colouring technique too.

8: Oxpecker (Pip) - DeviantArt
Ocpecker's work is observational and real life work of mostly horses. Her proportions and movements are very accurate. She lives in Australia with her own horses. I even got a commission from her for my Mum of her old Pony. Her skills with water colour, pencils and gouache is impressive and she knows exactly what shes's doing. She used white Gouche on wet water colour to create dapples.

9: Fukari (Judyta Anna Murawska)
Fukari's work is very sketchy and bright. Her drawings mainly consist of her own personal characters with quirky and unusual outfits. I love her characters and their personalities. They are all very diverse and all have their own back stories.

10: Lauren Faust
Lauren is the creator of the modern time My little pony and Super Best friends forever. She is married to Craig McCraken who created power puff girls and Foster's home for imaginary friends. Lauren helped her husband with his works drawing them. Her style is very noticeable and makes sure that in the shows she creates they are modern and entertain both boys and girls, young and old. Although my little pony still has some aspects aimed at girls  there are actually still aspects appealing to boys, sometimes using internet memes, jokes and tried moving away from the original type of My littler pony where all the ponies were girls and very girly wearing ribbons and dancing. Her  My little pony show has become very popular amongst boys and girls, young, teens even adults. These are sort of things I admire about her, she fits in the modern era, she's not afraid to change things, has a good sense of humour and is one of my inspirations. Apparently she wasn't a huge fan on 'Equestria girls' as it changed her idea of the ponies characteristics, making them all seem girly with similar personalities the opposite to in her show.

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