Friday, 8 May 2015

15 artists. Final 5!

11: My Mum
My Mum isn't an illustrator, she works as a TA at our local school, my old school. She is after the art teachers job. My Mum was my first real inspiration, even Surley Hughes. Mum went to Hereford Art collage but never really did anything with her art skills. Her favourite form of art is sculpture which she is quite impressive at. When I was little she used to make salt dough crafts. She'd make animals, cat's in garden pots, witches, women carrying harvest, ect. She used to hold a craft stall called 'Courtney Crafts.' I tried to help when I was younger but I wasn't as good as she was. I always loved my Mum's drawings and loved watching her doodle while she waited for things. When Mum owned a 2cv she wanted to make a book about the car called Berti and a duck. She had a story planned and images drawn but, she lost time and ended up selling the car. Mum helps me with work at home and giving helpful criticism telling me if things work or not.

12: Naomi Romero  - DeviantArt
Naomi has recently been accepted in to the 'BRIGHT' children's illustration which is based in America. Her concepts are great and her style is unique. She catches the characteristics of each dog breed and personalities of them too. She uses Photoshop CS6 with custom made brushes.

13: Lindsey Campbell - DeviantArt/Facebook
Lindsey is an artist I found on DeviantArt. Her watercolour skills are impressive and I love the softness she brings to her works. Even her works that may seem a little edgy to people are also done with a soft touch with the way she uses her watercolours and pencils. She works mostly with dogs and has made her own Dogs with flowers theme where dogs have flowers growing on them. Below is one of my favourite works of a baby Giraffe.

14: Ktshy )Katie Shanahan) - DeviantArt
Katie works as a cartoonist, animator and storyboard artist in Canada. She does her own projects such as 'Shrub Monkey's' which involves her and her two friends and sometimes other people from their lives. Shrub Monkeys are comic shorts and a series of things that happen in their lives. I love her drawings of people and how she takes a part of someone and emphasis it so they look who she's drawing which is always good. I love the simplicity of her comics and are clear.

15: dCTb (CT) - DeviantArt

CT is more anime based professional digital artist living in the America. They have created a pink heroine character called Annie. There animation work is what I love the most of their work (which is linked below). They show clear weight with the movements and are true to the anatomy. You can see they have clearly observed the anatomy and practiced many times. I also like how the colours are slightly faced out in some imaged. Their concepts are good and they have interesting character ideas.

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