Friday, 8 May 2015

15 Artists. the first 5.

These are artists who i like or who inspire my work. To be honest I don't have that many who inspire me. i have one main person who inspired me as a child to draw and become an illustrator but not many who inspired my drawings.
1: Shirley Hughes
Shirley wrote and illustrated my favourite book as a child, Dogger. This is the book and illustrator that made me want to become an illustrator. Her work was always interesting to look at, her expressions were good and so were her forms. I am no fan of drawing life drawing or observational but I appreciate it. She studies people and families in parks and draws almost every day and all day to get the right movements and expressions and weight in her drawings. I also love how in the background of bigger images there are more stories going on, lots more people doing things other than the main characters.
It was nice too as as a child I could relate to the child in the book. Dogger was the only book I read of hers but I know she has other well known books.

2: Quentin Blake
Quentin Blake is well known for illustrating the books of Roald Dahl. He gives motion and character into each thing he draws and that's what I like. Clear expression and understanding of the characters. He apparently hasa good reputation as a good and humorous illustrator, illustrating more than 300 books. He also used to host a children's storytelling show in the BBC called Jackanory where he would illustrate the tale as he told it. I like his child like and squiggly drawings. To me they are nice to look at, fun and colourful. His technique for colouring is a new way I've started to experiment with but mostly in a different way to him, more digitally.

3: J Scott Campbell
Campbell is a comic artists I have recently found over the past year. I have a major interest in comics and his style is very interesting to me. He has a unique style that is easily noticed and has done many variant covers even one for the My little Pony comic series. He has a good eye for colours and I like how he manages to capture likenesses in caricatures he does of people. His drawing of Buffy the vampire slayer are very good and look like her too and same goes for his walking dead. He draws a lot of Disney characters as well and shows he can draw his style and accuratly draw other styles like disney. His work is very popular and well known amongst comic readers, he has a good use of expressions too. Expressions are things I like the most on characters. I know many people wouldn't be keen on his style of drawing mainly how he portrays female characters but I admire his skill in drawing, anatomy, colours and inking. He has an exclusive contract with Marvel to draw the spider man series which, is what his work is known from. He's also done work for DC but has also created his own such as 'Danger Girl and Gen13'

4: Stan Lee
Stan Lee is another artists as writer I like. He was the brains behind spider man who everyone thought would be a terrible idea so he snuck it into the back of another marvel comic and as promo/preview and loads of people loved it. 
The fantastic four were his first creation,  they were more realistic than previous heroes. They squabbled between them, worried about bills, trying to impress people. He made a huge change or stepping stone in the direction on which super heroes would become more like us with backstories, different personalities, likes and dislikes even building families. He's more of a publisher and writer rather than an illustrator but his writing and imagination brings the characters and their stories to life. The big main heroes we know like Hulk, Thor, X-men and spider man were all created by him and I admire his handy work, making Marvel what it is and influencing other comic publishers and writers to give more with their characters

5: Norman Thelwell
Norman Thelwell is one of my favourite illustrators and writers. He's mostly known for the little girl and her chubby pony works which, he didn't intend to get so big. He was asked to draw one for an editor and after that got so many commissions from other publishers the popularity of them got so high he ended up writing his country books about the ponies and making a little series called Penelopy and Kipper. I enjoy reading his books, especially his pony works, as they are humorous and very clever. For most you have to of either experienced it, know the terminology or lived there to understand some funny parts but he sometimes works against what he has written, writing the opposite or drawing another term for what he really means. He has ridden on a past wild horse up a canyon where they horse was determined to eat some grass down a ledge, he thought he would of died from falling off a cliff with a horse, he knew he couldn't move as it would unbalance the horse and they would surely fall. The horse gave up and he was still alive. It was after this that he began the pony books. He is also known for his real life scenery pictures which he uses for his backgrounds of his illustrations and prints.

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